SL Schildan ~ Amazing Antique Aircraft ~

The beauty of these old prop planes includes the engine style and the wing type.

What a great sight to see all the vintage airplanes polished and lined up to be admired. I was lucky to attend the shows, one on a very hot summer day, the other on a cloud filled summer day.

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Shiny Yellow Single Engine
Bi-plane with silver prop and bright blue engin cover.
Twin Prop WWII vintage small war plane close to being a jet.
Bi-Plane in silver, black and blue. World War II twin engine plane.
Single engine, silver prop, white engine cowling flows to back of plane adding
		stripe to the yellow plane, an small orange complete a great look.
An emaculate silver bi-plane shows off its' classic black engine.
Sunny Yellow Plane Black Engine shows power on silver bi-plane.
Twin engine silver WWII plane with red lightening bolt against a thunderous sky.
A Beautiful yellow and white complete with a yellow nose cone.
Thunder and Lightening

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