SL Schildan ~ The Power and Beauty of Engines ~

There are fascinating images to be found within an engine and the equipment they move.

Hoses, pipes, wires and belts form intricate patterns on a flat head six. An old engine headed for the junk yard. A shiny new engine is put into place. A train wheel is as tall as a person.

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Smaller Hoses and WiresShiny New EngineHoliday Lights Outline the 4449
Hoses bent, kinked, and threaded look intestinal.
A belt that turns the alternator to charge the battery.
Intestinal Hose Work Belt and Wheel
More curves of more hoses.
Hoses and wires everywhich way.
Big Hoses
With all the parts off, at last the rusted engine is removed.
Shiney new engine with the cleaned and painted old parts bolted in place.
Rusted and Ready for Recycle
An historic train decorated with Christmas Lights forming a beautiful image. It
		showcases the emence size of the great wheels
The Christmas Lights outline the train engine. There is only enough light to make
		the wheels visible with their enormous pistons
Big Wheels on the Christmas Train

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