SL Schildan ~ The Blue Heron Is a Regular Visitor ~

The Great Blue Heron is fascinating to watch, except when he dines on ducklings and kebobs the koi.

It is amazing to look up and see how well a four foot tall bird with a six foot wing span can hide in a tree.

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Dinner Is SpiedResting Reflection
The heron while hunting can freeze motionless until there is not a ripple in the water.
If this photo were not cropped to show the detail of the heron's chest feathers it
		would surprise anyone at how he blends in.
Motionless Reflection Perched
A breeze stirs the water and the heron strolls off to better hunting.
The heron closes in on his prey.
Sneaking Toward Dinner
A perfect mirror reflection while he patiently remains motionless stretching his
		long neck to check among the lily pads.
Another perfect reflection while the heron pulls in his neck and takes a rest after
		eating his fill.
He's Lovely Reflecting in Pond, but He Spies a Duckling Dinner

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