SL Schildan ~ Awesome Trees Provide Endless Opportunity to Capture Beauty ~

Trees are never dull, ever changing, and so alive.

I love trees, the conifers for their majestic beauty and the deciduous trees who amaze with their year round show, from stark branches against stormy skies to florescent greens of spring and colorful blossoms to the beauty of the fall color show.

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Chinese Dogwood in Fall ColorAutumns' Brilliant Colors
Trees grown for their pulp stand in acres of long perfect row after row.
During a winter rain a sliver of sun broke through to make the rain drops on the
		maple tree glisten like thousands of diamonds.
Row After Row the Trees Wait for Spring Covered in Diamonds of Rain
Chinese dogwood covers the branches in beautiful pure white blooms.
In the fall the same Chinese dogwood's leaves turn a brilliant red.
Chinese Dogwood in Spring White
In the deep woods of the Willamette Valley the trees are cloaked in moss are
		remiscent of lime green sweaters to keep the bare trees warm.
Autumn trees in colors from gold to vibrant orange are a stark contrast against the
		greens of the grass and the blue, grey, and white of mounting thunder clouds in a restless sky.
Cloaked in Moss Sweaters

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