SL Schildan ~ Beautiful Waterfowl Frequent The Pond ~

An ever changing array of birds, ducks and geese keep us company.

Baby ducklings are a sure sign of spring.

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Only a few hours after hatching, a mother mallard wastes no time getting her ducklings
		into the relative safety of the	pond.
Like busy bees the ducklings appear to zoom on the top of the water as they zip around
		hunting for bugs and tasty treats. Mother keeps a close eye on them..
Just Hours Old Mother Duck Leads 11 ,Ducklings to the Pond "They Take To Swimming Like A Duck to Water"
A beautiful pair of Canada Geese have come to visit as they migrate north.
On a clear day, a majestic pair of Canada Geese rest in the pond.
Beautiful Pair of Canada Geese Trio of Canada Geese
Two majestic Canada geese swim past a mallard drake, hen, and their duckling.
The very shy wood duck pair are hard to get an image of. At the first hint of people
		the quickly swim under the brush. As always they are pushing toward the other shore.
Family, Dad Behind the Tree(rt), Duckling in Grass(lft of mom) Shy Wood Ducks Head Away
A colorful pair of wood ducks.The drakes head is green that flashes purple in the
Female wood duck preens her feathers while the male stands by. The red on his bill and
		around his eyes shines.
The Sun Brings Out the Color of the Male The Female Preens Her Feathers
The male green wing teal exhibits a nearly florescent teal eye strip against a brick
		red head. His body is blue grey with a white tail and the bright teal stripe is on his wing,
		though in this photo his wing strip is hidden.
A fat bright green baby bullfrog suns himself on a lily pad.
Gorgeous Male Green Wing Teal A Fat Baby Bull Frog Is Cute, But Not Waterfowl!

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